UA Lifetime Membership Terms and Conditions

UA Lifetime Membership Terms and Conditions

Last updated:
January 30, 2024


These are the specific terms and conditions (Terms) for our UA Lifetime Membership and are in addition to our standard Terms of Services, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. If you become a UA Lifetime Member you must also read, agree to and comply with:

Table of Contents

1. About The UA Lifetime Membership

As a UA Lifetime Member you will have lifetime access to the Access Membership Plan according to Clause 20 of our standard Terms of Services.

The UA Lifetime Membership provides one user membership and can be taken out for an individual, it is for one user and is non transferable and is not for resale. Participant may not resell the Service to any 3rd party under any circumstances.

We may revise these Terms or make changes to the UA Lifetime Membership or Access Membership Plan. Clause 20 of our standard Terms of Services provides further information on what will happen if we change these Terms. We may also introduce new membership plans, products or services which may not be included in the UA Lifetime Membership.

2. Lifetime Basis

Lifetime shall be defined as for as long as Uncool Artist continues to provide membership plans as a commercial service or in any event a minimum of 10 years from date of Participant sign up, or

      1. Your lifetime, or

      2. The lifetime of Uncool Artist (i.e. until our company ceases to exist for whatever reason, which may include dissolution or liquidation), or,

      3. For as long as we continue to provide the Access Membership Plan (see 3.2 below), or

      4. The membership is terminated for any reason under Clause 2, Clause 3, Clause 6 and Clause 10 of our Terms of Services.

If your UA Lifetime Membership ends only because we are no longer providing the Access Membership Plan (3.1.3 above) and Uncool Artist is still operating a social network through

        1. if we are providing an alternative membership plan or service that we think is a reasonable alternative to the Access Membership Plan we may change your UA Lifetime Membership to the alternative membership plan.

        2. if we do not change you to an alternative membership plan we will refund you the difference between the amount you paid for your UA Lifetime Membership and the amount you would have been charged for annual Access Membership Plan for the period you have been a UA Lifetime Member.

3. About refunds

If you cancel your UA Lifetime Membership within 30 business days of signing up to it, we will refund your subscription fee minus fees charged on purchase by the Payment Service Provider in charge of the transaction.

Any membership plan purchased with discounts, limited offers, special offers or coupon codes are not refundable.