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United States (US)



I observe ‘daily life’: the way we interact and represent ourselves with others, which changes in contrast with surroundings. First encounters interest me, but specifically my work expresses the bonds an artist establishes with the public through art.While being sensitive to a city’s range of ‘atmospheres’, I meld myself in everyday spaces. I leave clues or hints by using self-promotional techniques and portable media devices as advertisement. In doing so, I raise questions about what happens when common places and public values are infused with creative intent. People react, and a new mentality emerges among crowds; namely, a logic based on ‘events’. Then, with minimal resources, I create artworks by integrating the various stages of communication I developed during the process.My process involves rearranging the conventions and standards of exhibition and presentation in the visual arts, graphic design and media. By focusing on specific places and the visual culture encompassed, I can better understand how common spaces shape our relationships with others. These insights, as a result, help me integrate myself in others spaces appropriately.

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Interactive art, Mixed media, Sound art

Sound intermedias

Sound installation