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b. in Brazil, lives and works in Florida, U.S.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Bella Cardim received her degree in Graphic Design while developing her passion and career in photography. Over the course of her 20-year career, Bella photographed an increasingly expansive set of subjects and then concentrated on food photography. Her work developed from commercial food photography to conceptual art, but the subject matter remained the same.

Currently living in Miami and pursuing her MFA, Cardim uses her practice to investigate the psychological impact of food in terms of nourishment and indulgence. Her conceptual framework allows her to draw awareness to eating disorders and body image issues.

The artist has recently participated in collective shows in New York, Miami, and São Paulo and was selected for the 2022 Florida Biennial.


n. no Brasil, vive e trabalha na Flórida, EUA.

Nascida no Rio de Janeiro, Bella Cardim formou-se em Design Gráfico enquanto desenvolvia sua paixão e carreira na fotografia. Ao longo de 20 anos de carreira, Bella fotografou um conjunto cada vez mais amplo de assuntos e depois se concentrou na fotografia de alimentos. Seu trabalho evoluiu da fotografia comercial de alimentos para a arte conceitual, mas o assunto permaneceu o mesmo.

Atualmente morando em Miami e fazendo seu mestrado, Cardim usa sua prática para investigar o impacto da comida em termos de nutrição e indulgência. Sua estrutura conceitual lhe permite chamar a atenção para os distúrbios alimentares e questões de imagem corporal.

Recentemente, a artista participou de coletivas em Nova York, Miami e São Paulo e foi selecionada para a Bienal da Flórida 2022.



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United States (US)



Food has always intrigued me – from its flavors and colors to the aromas and social rituals surrounding meals. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, I developed a deep appreciation for fresh ingredients, natural light, beautiful places, and real people. Gastronomy played a significant role in my life, and I eventually combined my carrier in photography with my interest in food by becoming a food photographer. However, my relationship with food hasn’t always been easy, as I have struggled (secretly) with emotional eating disorders for decades.

After moving to the U.S., going through a personal trauma, and finding comfort in food again, I realized that the very thing that nourished me was also suffocating me. This realization led me to turn to conceptual art as a means of exploring the challenges of emotional eating and delving into the connection between my food choices and my emotions.

Through my work, I uncovered the hidden narratives that lie beneath the surface of my eating behaivors, exploring the ways in which my cultural, personal, and emotional histories shape my relationship with food and my body image. In my artistic practice, I use various media to explore these themes, including photography, sculpture, fiber, and installation, creating visual narratives where materiality is essential to make my emotions tangible. By sharing my own story, I intend to create a powerful connection with viewers, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and engage with the deeper meanings behind our relationship with food, our bodies, our emotions and identity.



Solo Exhibitions / Exposições Individuais

MFA showcase | The Bonnier Gallery, Miami, FL | (presented by The 55 Project and curated by Jennifer Inacio)

Feria Clandestina | Miami, FL | (curated by Nuria Richards)

Group Exhibitions / Exposições Coletivas

Cycles: The stages of motherhood | Mifa Gallery, Miami, FL | (curated by Elkin Canas and Marco Caridad)

Florida Biennial 2022 | Hollywood, FL | (juried by Ylva Rouse and curated by Meaghan Kent)

Do Write [Right] to Me | Ny, Miami, and São Paulo

Amalgamation | Miami, FL | ( curated by Stacey Mancuso)