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Jerónimo Albornoz is a multidisciplinary artist born in Quito – Ecuador in 1987. In 2011, he graduated as a film director at Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires – Argentina. He worked in advertising as a film director for several production companies until 2015, when he founded his own, serving as CEO and general director. He has also produced a number of music videos, receiving worldwide recognition. Since early 2020, he is dedicated to professional artistic creation.

Jerónimo’s work oscillates between painting, photography and video, portraying themes related to contemporary problematics. His practice is based on conceptual syncretisms that conjugate with different layers of the subconscious -both his own and the spectator’s- generating works that handle a critical discourse, sometimes with particular humour, evoking themes related to the social, the familiar, the religious and contemporary human behavior.


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I have always wondered, what is my place as an artist in the contemporary world?

Am I destined to a folkloric or canonical creation according to my demography, or are am I supposed to follow the trends I am exposed to? I guess none of them.

For me, freedom and rebellion against the preconceptions of “what art should be” takes on a greater relevance in the contemporary context.

After several years working with video and photography I decided to center my practice on painting because of the limitless capabilities it opened up for me to develop my own voice as an artist.

My aim is to create art that speaks genuinely and boldly about the way I see the world and that, at the same time, invite people to an introspective yet critically focused memento of reflection.

I am particularly interested in themes related to the social fabric and its behaviors. Faith, fears and the psychological responses we have to face a biased and excessively controlled world, portrayed from a somewhat hopeful but stark optic that serves as an act of redemption.

I focus on portraiture for its power of transmission and universal identification. Working with the human figure, faces and expressions as a primal form of association has allowed me to address collective issues through personal representations of my concerns about the world.



[2023] Group show and printed publication in ‘Piel de gallina’ fanzine, Quito, Ecuador.

[2022] Solo exhibition at +Arte gallery, Quito, Ecuador.

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Drawing, Filmmaking / Video art, Mixed media, Painting, Photography, Sound art

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Ink, Oil, Watercolor

Drawing medias

Charcoal, Ink, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor

Filmmaking / video art medias

Video installation

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Sound installation


Digital image, Photographic film