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Jay Lee, an emerging artist from Seoul, has steadily garnered recognition for her distinctive artistic practice encompassing painting, ceramics, and installation art. Her international exhibitions and solo shows have been pivotal in her exploration of new artistic frontiers.
A major milestone in her career was the solo exhibition “<Dreams>” at KOIK Contemporary in Mexico City, where she showcased an immersive installation of paintings, ceramics, and flowers, demonstrating her ability to harmoniously blend various artistic mediums.
Jay’s international presence was notably augmented by her participation in “<ARTE LOCAL: casa de la cultural tulum>” in Tulum, Mexico, and her significant solo exhibition “<Home of Emotions; Moving Home, Moving Emotions>” at El Sur in Mexico City. These shows underscored her adaptability and resonance with diverse cultural contexts.
Additionally, her time at the PILOTENKUECHE international Art Program in Leipzig culminated in the group exhibition “<Say – Sweet, Silent>” with a series of installations, marking a significant conclusion to her residency. Her recent exhibitions in Seoul further exemplified her evolving artistic narrative.
Through residencies at KOIK Contemporary, El Sur, PILOTENKUECHE, a Position on Retreat, and now at Uncool Artist, Jay Lee continues to broaden her artistic scope, establishing herself as a dynamic and innovative figure in the contemporary art scene.

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South Korea