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Brenda Sabbagh was born on October 4, 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is a film director with a degree from the University of Cinema (FUC) and a visual artist who has trained in various painting workshops, including those of Dolores Casares, Carolina Antoniadis, Elias Slonim, Ivana Roitberg, and Sergio Bazán. In the years 2020 and 2021, she participated in clinics and art analysis under the guidance of Tulio De Sagastizábal. In 2022, she completed the Proyecto PAC and Cuatro x Cuatro programs. During the same year, she also took part in the residency and laboratory program called ‘El instante abismal’ by MANTA, led by Suyai Otaño. In 2021, she received a scholarship from the National Fund for the Arts in the Individual Training category in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2023, she participated in the Pilotenkueche residency in Leipzig, Germany, and in the ‘Púrpura Proyecto’ in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She participated with Casa Chaca (her collective in Buenos Aires) in the MAPA fair 2024, La Rural.

Brenda has been involved in collective and solo shows both at national and international levels. In 2023, she had her first solo show called “My own Altar” in Hijas Del Arte gallery. This same year she took part of the “Los fuegos nuevos” exhibition at the Casa de las culturas de Tigre, alongside Lula Matisic, curated by Sergio Bazán. This year she also participated at the group show in Casa Equis gallery with the Williams foundation, and also took part in two collective exhibitions in Leipzig, Germany, and in Madrid, Spain, curated by María Lightowler, and at the Gachi Prieto Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2022, she participated in a collective exhibition at Mooni Gallery in Mexico City. In 2021, she was a guest artist in the SACH #5 (se agrandó Chacarita) exhibition at Casa Chaca, along with Vicky Pujol Ferrari and Lole Asikian. In 2019, while living in Israel, she participated in the Independent Pop Art collective exhibition curated by Orly Dvir at the Orly Dvir Gallery and Dizengoff Center. In 2018, she exhibited alongside Francesca Darget and Juana Rodríguez Simón in the “Ánimo y Despojo” exhibition, curated by Pablo Frezza and Juana Biolcati, at Casa Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She currently works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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My work revolves around the concept of a frame from a cinematic sequence, a moment frozen in time delving into themes of identity, tradition, and heritage in contemporary society. I aim to explore the impact of globalization and digitization on our perception of ourselves and the ongoing negotiation of personal and collective identities in a rapidly changing world.

Proposal for the UA residency:
Idea of exploring the in between moments: in between homes, In between relationships, in between jobs, in between identities. What I realized is that here there is a lot of this, and is something that our generations made of. Living in between means a portable home, a portable life, a life you can put in a box and move on to the next place.




Group and solo shows

›  MAPA art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2024

› Solo show My own Altar, Hijas del Arte space, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2023

› Group show, An art piece in each house, Casa Equis+Casa Chaca, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2023

› Two people show, New Fires, with Lula Matisic in Casa de las Culturas de Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2023

› Group show Interdisciplinary Church, Ars Avanti art space, Leipzig, Germany / 2023

› Group show Tour de Franz open studios, Leipzig, Germany / 2023

› Group show  Mundane freedom, Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Alemania / 2023
› Group show Certainty in Casa Sur, Madrid, Spain 2023
› Group show Intervalos de confianza in Casa madre space, Madrid, Spain / 2023

› Group show Rastros restos y roces at Gachi Prieto Gallery, Buenos Aires Argentina / 2023

› Group show at Mooni gallery, in Mexico City / 2022

› SACH #5 (se agrandó Chacarita) at Casa Chaca / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2021

› Independent pop art / Orly Dvir gallery Tel Aviv, Israel / 2019

› Dizengoff Center Orly Dvir Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel / 2019


› Group show Ánimo y Despojo Casa Salvador gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2018


Interests and medias


Ceramics, Drawing, Filmmaking / Video art, Mixed media, Painting, Photography

Ceramics medias

Clay, Pottery

Painting medias

Oil, Watercolor

Drawing medias

Acrylic, Chalk, Charcoal, Crayon, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor

Filmmaking / video art medias

Video installation


Photographic film