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Dainy Tapia is a cultural practitioner based in Miami, FL. She is the creator, and curator of ArtSeen365: a platform dedicated to promoting art and artists in Miami, South Florida and beyond, by creating and publishing original digital content. She holds a master’s in arts in Communications and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Dainy collaborates with several art institutions in South Florida, among them the Doral Contemporary Art Museum, where she is responsible for Communications and Community Outreach, the Bass Museum of Art where she is a docent, and the Women Artists Archive Miami (WAAM) where she serves as a member of the board. She also collaborates with artists to support their practices and specific projects by advising and lending her organizational skills.




Dainy Tapia aspiration is to be someone that generates, facilitates, and produces cultural events around the visual arts. As part of this pursuit, she created and curates ArtSeen365, a platform for the promotion of the visual arts and artists in Miami, South Florida and beyond. On ArtSeen365, Dainy only promotes art that she has seen in person, and she does it, one way or another, 365 days a year.

ArtSeen365 social media feeds include art she has seen during her visits to art museums, galleries, artists’ studios, public and private spaces. Dainy aims to share insights about art daily, and to provide an additional digital space for exchanges among art professionals, art lovers and the public in general.

Through her daily exploration of the local art scene and beyond, she meets artists, curators, art administrators, collectors, and other art lovers. These frequent interactions enable her to find synergies and opportunities for collaboration and exchanges, as well as to provide advice to artists or people interested in acquiring art. At the same time, she gets inspired with ideas for researching and possible curatorial projects, which leads her to explore and search for answers to the questions she encounters along the way.