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Mingyue (Luna)

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Mingyue Chen (Luna), a Quanzhou-born media artist and interdisciplinary designer, has established her base in New York City. Her creative pursuits center around exploring the convergence of art, technology, and contemporary society, with a particular emphasis on interactive installations and sustainable art. She honed her artistic skills at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, which further enriched her multifaceted approach to design.

During her academic journey, Mingyue had the opportunity to immerse herself in various modern cities, such as Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, and Beijing, either for study or work. The constant traveling and frequent relocations have contributed to feelings of insecurity in her explorations to find a true sense of home. To address these emotions and find inner peace, Mingyue channeled her experiences into her art, using it as a medium of self-expression and introspection.

Incorporating her diverse background, Mingyue’s artistic endeavors encompass a broad spectrum of mediums, ranging from traditional art to innovative new media techniques. Her work actively explores the intersection of art, technology, and contemporary society, offering a unique perspective on their interplay.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Mingyue is the founder of Lunaaa Studio L.L.C, a cutting-edge SLA 3D printing studio and gift shop. This initiative reflects her dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploring novel ways to showcase her artistic vision.


Country of residence

United States (US)



Solo Exhibition

Aug.2023 – The Land of Nothingness, :iidrr Gallery, New York, USA

Group Exhibitions

Aug. 2023 – 3-Year Anniversary Pinup Exhibition, :iidrr Gallery, New York, USA

Jul. 2023 – Epilogue, Pilot + Projects, Philadelphia, USA

Jul. 2023 – 4” X 6”, PTM Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA

Apr. 2023 – Useless Machines, TheBlanc Gallery, New York, USA

Dec. 2022 – Die Ausstellung, Alexandrinenstraße 118, Berlin, Germany

Sept. 2022 – This is not a Drill, Bobst Library, New York, USA

May 2021 – ITP/IMA Spring Show, 567 West Yangsi Road, Shanghai, China

Dec. 2020 – ITP/IMA Winter Show, 567 West Yangsi Road, Shanghai, China

Dec. 2019 – ITP/IMA Winter Show, 370 Jay Street, New York, USA

Interests and medias


Interactive art