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B. Phillips




Shelly B. Phillips, RN, BSN, BA, MFA, is an emerging artist who works across various mediums. Using photography, painting, sculpture, and performance art, the artist suits up, sometimes literally, in the necessary method to match the calling of each artwork.

Phillips earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salve Regina University and a Bachelor of Art in Art Education from Bridgewater State University.

Most recently, she completed her MFA in Visual Arts at Lesley University. She teaches Students at a local Charter School Part Time where she learns daily through the art of Pegagogy.

She founded a nonprofit that will be changing as she begins a new chapter of her life; her Shift work will move away from the bedside and begin to heal through hands-on – through not only what is art, but what art can Be, as she believes art is a verb, and as a multi-disciplinary process based maker, and true belle hooks (intentional belle hooks under case) and Tim Ingold believer, it is through our creativity we can begin truly tending to the broken systems at hand. Shelly believes that our creativity is key when we overlap the Venn circles and create our way through.

Special Interest – Immunology/Environment/Microbiomes/Education via Visual Arts – and Performance. Collaborations – Emerging. The Em of embodiment, how we are in full exchange on a cellular level with our world. We live in it, not on it. Freedom/epigenetics/tending / the Knot – Cell – freedom via art – It can be both – art as healing – Bring the generations together not as building blocks separated, but the knot, be the mortar.

Shelly is certified in Wellness via Dr. Shawn Talbott and believes our creative path forward needs to be a part of the art & science of life.

RN BSN BA MFA Certified Wellness Coach, Teacher, Advocate, and excited to begin as a full-time emerging artist and be in the conversation.


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United States (US)



Life is Art – Art is Life.


I believe our creativity is a portal to self-acquaintance by which the mundane human experience can become extraordinary. I often merge photography, printmaking, fiber, painting, installation, and sculpture mediums. My work usually consists of found or domestic remnants that speak to our existence. Most often upcycled from the world around me, found while walking through.

My creations have become performances; they want to be alive, and I provide them with my pulse. I am in correspondence with the materials, and I am often the tool. Joy is created; my work often comes down to the image and is upcycled or created out of nothing at all. There is much freedom in the work made.

Much like a scientist, my research fascinates me. I explore substrates reflecting embodied life and principles governing our well-being and optimal function. These conditions correspond with nature and nurture, the contained and the uncontainable, the inside and outside, worlds within worlds, and the value of our time.

My antecedents come alive to me as I follow my signposts and synchronicities. I see the overlap of my history, repeating patterns illuminating what is hiding in plain sight as I go along. My practice connects my world to others as it unfolds, and it teaches me the way forward. Mvt is life; the process often involves the body as tool.

My peripatetic practice in nature brings me back in time, and it’s a cycle that connects me to the earth and those who came before me.

I’m in connection with thinkers like Tim Ingold, Richard Long, Eva Hesse, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, belle hooks (intentional lowercase), Louise Bourgeois, Mariana Abromovic, Ann Hamilton, Marilyn Arsem, Janine Antoni, to name a few.

My work always gives birth to the subsequent process at hand. For me, it’s life-giving like that – and it connects my world to others as it unfolds, and art teaches me the way forward. I construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct my work, transforming tones, materials, and the senses into a form of artistic nourishment that satiates the body, mind, and soul.