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Alessandro Telles, plastic artist, photographer, designer, 38 years old, residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Graduated in industrial design, I was able to explore several disciplines that today make up my views and skills as an artist, such as photography, cinema, jewelry design, semiotics, woodworking and graphic processes such as woodcut and serigraphy. Today studying painting at Parque Lage, art school in Rio de Janeiro, I have been exploring new visions and new techniques with acrylic painting.

Since college I continued to photograph, bringing everyday scenes with a person or feeling. 3 years ago I returned to painting, since then the center of my practice has been my dialogue with the world, imprinting my experiences with colors and abstract shapes, many times simplifying memories, feelings and visions, other times with colors and shapes that speak by itself.

Using a vibrant and abstract language, I dissipate my message within each painting and allow the viewer to take an active role in the works.


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