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Julie Dumont (Brussels, 1974) started her activities as an independent curator in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2014. She entered the Fita Tape gallery as a partner in 2015, then created the curatorial initiative “The Bridge Project” in September 2017. The Bridge Project mixes artists from different stages of their career and countries, focusing on giving more visibility to young or under-represented artists through exhibitions in commercial and non-commercial spaces in São Paulo, Brussels and New-York mainly. In this frame, she curated “Os Hallucinés” with Thomas Perroteau, Julien Nagereau, and Theodore Erreira Guyer (ISLA, São Paulo, September 2018); “O que a Imagem Não Revela” with Marcelo Amorim, Nino Cais, Denise Gadelha, Gordana Manic, Ivan Padovani, André Passos, and Marco Maria Zanin (ISLA, São Paulo, November 2018); “O Maravilhamento das Coisas” with Leda Catunda, Mano Penalva, Daniel Barclay, Sergio Pinzon, Mayla Goerisch, Bruno Brito, Mariano Barone, Matheus Chiaratti, Martin Lanezan, and Tatiana Dalla Bona (Sancovsky Gallery, São Paulo, March 2018); “Campo Aberto” with Charlotte Marchand (Sancovsky Gallery, São Paulo, May 2018); “Re-Que-Bra” with Mano Penalva (Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection, Brussels, June 2018); “Hasta Tepito” with Mano Penalva (B[X] Gallery, New York, August 2018); “A Matéria da Memória” with Guita Soifer and Inna Cymlich (Soma Gallery, Curitiba, October 2018); “Nós e Eles” with Nicolas Bourthoumieux (Projeto Fidalga, São Paulo, November 2018); “Umbigo do Desejo” with Matheus Chiaratti at Quadra gallery (Rio de Janeiro, April 2019); “Tropical Gardens” with Alice Quaresma, Daniel Barclay, and Mano Penalva at Le 26 BY (Brussels, June 2019); “Escape Entrópico” with Manuela Costa Lima at Quadra (Rio de Janeiro, August 2019); “Sob o Céu Estrelado” with Lin Yi Hsuan at Projeto Fidalga (December 2019); and “O Efeito Tyndall” with Adriana Affortunati, Alexandre Brandão, C.L. Salvaro, Jurgen Ots, and Nicolas Bourthoumieux (Central Galeria, February 2020 – published on Terremoto IG). She was invited as a resident curator at Residency Unlimited (NYC, August 2018).