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The UA Access membership is a specialized tier designed for artists, offering a comprehensive engagement with our community and real opportunities for international exhibitions.

Video of the group exhibition "Do Write Right to Me" by UA participants in Miami, 2021 - video documentation by Miami Design District

Access membership features and benefits

Exhibition Opportunities

Participate in one curated group show annually. Enjoy the privilege to propose for group exhibitions and receive invaluable feedback.


Uncool Artist, situated in New York and engaged in partnerships with contemporary art initiatives globally, maintains a physical space. Access members also enjoy exclusive benefits, including a possible pre-selection process for the UA Gallery, where a carefully chosen group of artists is prominently showcased.


The distinctive feature of the Access membership lies in its close connection to the UA Gallery*. As an Access member, you can submit proposals for our group shows and receive valuable feedback, making it an enticing opportunity for artists.


Image of the group exhibition "Do Write Right to Me" by UA participants in NYC, 2021. Photo: Uncool Artist Archive.

Global network access

Thanks to our exclusive online platform (and, to a lesser extent, IRL events) you will engage with a diverse online community of artists, curators, critics, art educators, and gallerists from around the world in an environment conducive to exchanging and sharing experiences.

Collective readings

Participate in collective readings of notable calls for application moderated by one of our esteemed curators. These sessions aim to provide insights, clarity, and direction for artists seeking to apply to various opportunities.

Live talks and presentations

Enjoy access to both live and recorded talks, partake in online and in-person open studios, and benefit from distinctive portfolio presentations.

Exclusive benefits

With a close alignment to the UA Gallery, UA Access members receive potential advantages for gallery representation, allowing select artists to be highlighted in a distinct space.

Situated in Brooklyn, NY, and closely connected with contemporary art initiatives across the globe, Uncool Artist offers a spectrum of activities that propel artists into the forefront of the global contemporary art circuit.

By being part of the Access membership, artists can integrate into the gallery, stay informed about its events, and gain insights into an innovative approach within the realm of commercial contemporary art galleries.

*About the UA Gallery

UA Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) stands as the top-tier destination for artists within the Uncool Artist community. It provides a heightened platform for representation, highlighting the talents of artists via solo exhibitions, art fairs, and an extensive marketplace. Starting with the foundation of the UA Access membership, artists pave their way towards the expansive network and opportunities the UA Gallery offers.

Financial Commitment

  • Duration: Yearly commitment.
  • Fee: $68/month, or opt for a discounted rate of $680/yearly.

Upon being invited,
joining our community is
merely a few clicks away.

Video of the group exhibition "Do Write Right to Me" by UA participants in NYC, 2021.

Testimonial Tamera

UA is the art community I never knew that I needed. I never could have imagined that there was a group of like-minded artist out there in the world working collectively and collaboratively on trying to upend the current structure of the art world. UA does this by bringing diverse artists from across the globe together to try to make the creation of art, for the betterment of all, into a more inclusive and equitable activity. Underlying it all is the power of love. My peers in UA are some of the most intellectually curious and caring people I know. Together we are creating a new paradigm for the art world.

Tamera Bedford | Hong Kong, China
Testimonial Marisa Connections

For me, getting the opportunity to be part of this community (the artists, the curators, the advisory's, listen to the lectures, participate in exhibitions) made me improve all my skills and teach me how to be a professional.

Marisa Bernotti | Dolores, Uruguay
Testimonial Juliano M

Before, I saw myself as an artist somewhat aimless and not belonging to any group, both to share experiences and think together about my artistic practice in the visual arts. After joining Uncool Artist, I feel part of a community of people who think about art and the world beyond art. A very plural community both in language and thought changed my practice a lot and gave me confidence in speaking and presenting my work.

Juliano Mazzuchini | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Testimonial Daniele

I feel like I'm participating in a generous community. Opportunities have arisen, and I didn't expect them. Now I feel driven to produce more, and I think safer. Now I can see that loneliness was not my problem. It is a system problem. Uncool Artist showed me that I have options and life outside the Ego's system.

Danielle Cukierman | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Testimonial Sika

Uncool Artist community is a dream come true for me. Where else could one meet, network, brainstorm, share their work and get personable constructive critique, if not Uncool Artist? A community of artists, writers, researchers, curators, art historians, all unabashed and unapologetically dedicated to building and sustaining the future of the arts!

Sika Foyer | New York, U.S.
Testimonial Erica

I was mainly looking for my people. I was pretty doubtful about the art market and frankly felt a bit discouraged. I used to think that the hardships of being an artist were much greater than they (actually) are. I thought that building my path would depend on becoming a sellable product, and I kept feeling I was meant to be an outsider after all. I quickly understood that my success depended on ME, my attitude, energy, and my behavior towards circumstances. At Uncool Artist, I quickly learned that I had an alternative to the so-called "game." The community indeed helps—a lot. I learned by experiencing it.

Erica Iassuda | Itu, Brazil
Testimonial Douglas

Being part of ILAP was extremely important in my path as an emerging artist. Within Uncool Artist, I met artists from different places and different approaches and moments in their careers. The exchanges with these people continue to help me tread a place in the universe of contemporary art.
Understanding how to do an artistic project, the assembly of different categories of portfolios, and the critical monitoring offered by Uncool Artist, were things that helped me to understand how exhibition and market circuits work. Uncool Artist is an international community concerned to support its participants, always with a critical and considerate eye.

Douglas Ferreiro | Brasilia, Brazil
Testimonial Marisa Opportunities

Uncool Artist pushes me to go out of my comfort zone. It helps me understand that opportunities are out there, and I must be ready in all senses and see that I can create the chance I'm looking for. Understand the audience, be involved with the audience, storytelling, project my whole year... It is difficult to explain Uncool Artist in a few words because it is a whole new thing.

Marisa Bernotti | Dolores, Uruguay
Testimonial Dainy

Uncool has been a tremendous opportunity and challenge to take my practice to the next level.
I have found a great community of artists that has allowed me to know better the creative artistic process, which is indispensable as a curator. It is an invaluable opportunity to hear from accomplished artists, curators, art fairs, and museums directors first-hand and in an intimate conversation setting.
All of this, topped with the synergy of a group of individuals working towards the common goal of being better art professionals, is what makes all the time, money, and efforts invested pay off!

Dainy Tapia | Miami, US
Testimonial Rodrigo

Uncool Artist has been an inspiring space with a hands-on approach to learning (by doing) that has been instrumental in my recent realizations as an artist.

Rodrigo Pimenta | São Paulo, Brazil
Testimonial Thais

Before I joined Uncool Artist, I felt adrift. I was highly imaginative, working instinctively but had no specific direction. I felt lost on how I could join all the pieces of art in my life together as a career path that made sense. Now at Uncool Artist, I developed a better sight of how my past got me here and what steps I can take to build a prosperous career as an artist. Also, I don't feel alone anymore, but part of this loving and caring community that grows and flourishes together.

Thais Ribeiro | São Paulo - Brazil
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