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Have you felt this way before?

I'm passionate about my art, but making a living from it seems impossible.

I often doubt the quality of my work and need advice from seasoned mentors.

I feel isolated in my practice and need to connect with other artists to share and learn.

I struggle to find a balance between creating art and managing the business side of my career.

I'm concerned about the environmental impact of my art practice and want to find more sustainable materials and methods.

With the rise of digital platforms, I feel overwhelmed by the pressure to constantly produce and share my work online.

As an emerging artist, I find it difficult to break into established art institutions and galleries.

After years of not creating, I'm ready to start again but don't know where to begin.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? You are not alone.

These are just a few excerpts of messages we’ve received from hundreds of artists through DMs, emails, and informal conversations.

Let's Change This. Now.

You’ve probably heard it before: the artist’s path is precarious, lonely, filled with long hours of isolation in the studio and the constant struggle of not being understood or adequately compensated. It’s a common narrative that many of us have internalized and, at times, even perpetuate.

Then there’s the myth of the self-made genius—the fantasy that successful artists are solitary heroes who achieved greatness all on their own. This idea ignores the reality [FACT] that every super-successful artist is supported by a large network, from family (chosen or otherwise) to colleagues and mentors.

Embrace a New Narrative

We understand your challenges in sustaining and diving deep into your practice, as well as building a fulfilling art career. The struggle to balance creativity with the market, the pressure of maintaining a strong network and an online presence, the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the art world, and the desire for more sustainable practices. These are real obstacles, but they don’t have to define your path in the art field. You are unique, so it is your biography.

This is the one opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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If you’re reading this, you likely share our ambition, creativity, and the desire to build a meaningful life through your art.

You’ve likely achieved some milestones in your artistic journey but are hungry for more. Perhaps you’re seeking a supportive community to help you reach new heights and grow as an artist.

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you a chance to join our
Largest, Most Inspiring, and Most Supportive Artistic Community – EVER!

For over a decade, we’ve been creating a transformative community of artists, curators, critics, and art educators. Together, we navigate the art world, refine our craft, and lead rich artistic lives.


We call this remarkable opportunity the Uncool Artist Membership or UA Access.

In this community, we propelled our artistic growth and enriched our creation capacity beyond measure.

One day, we realized, “Wouldn’t it be incredible if more artists could access this support, inspiration, and growth? Imagine the impact we could have on the art world and beyond by simply opening our doors to artists who resonate with us and our values, without the need for applications or selection processes?”

So, we made it happen. Because, when it comes to YOU, what’s the point of being an artist if you’re not enjoying the process and obtaining all the artistic, personal, and community benefits you desire?

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to…

UA Membership

Effective Art Making and Supporting Art Community

The Uncool Artist community was created around the idea that united artists can truly change the art world by creating meaningful, singular art careers internationally and, yet, aligned with their contexts. Together, we can transform what surrounds us.

Connect And Be Supported

Being an Uncool Artist member is a commitment between you and a community of amazing artists to collaborate and elevate each other for months and years to come!

Find the Right Path To Your Growth

At your own pace, with your crowd, and with the guidance from our team. You don’t have to feel lost anymore. We got you.

Expand the reach of your artwork

We’re just at the beginning of a worldwide movement that’s shifting the foundations of the traditional art system.

We believe that artists are the most important actors in their field and must have complete freedom and access to the means of production and distribution while preserving the integrity of their practice. This is crucial for them to continue creating meaning in a way that is materially, emotionally, and spiritually sustainable.

We're here in NYC

But you can access us from anywhere!

If you can’t be in NYC, no problem! We can and want to represent you here, be your power hub in the most important art location in the world today.

Your Time to Achieve What You Want!

By joining UA, you can stay informed about our events and gain insights into an innovative approach to commercial contemporary art galleries.

Thanks to our exclusive online platform and IRL events, you will engage with a diverse online community of artists, curators, critics, art educators, and gallerists from around the world in an environment conducive to exchanging and sharing experiences.

We're here in NYC

But you can access us from anywhere!

If you can’t be in NYC, no problem! We can and want to represent you here, be your power hub in the most important art location in the world today.

How We Do It: You Can Do This: We Will Do This Together:

How We Do It:

1. Through Exhibition Opportunities...

Participate in one curated group show annually. Enjoy the privilege to propose for group exhibitions and receive invaluable feedback.

Uncool Gallery Connection

One distinctive feature of the UA Memberships lies in its close connection to the Uncool Gallery. As a participant, you can submit proposals for our group shows and receive valuable feedback, making it an enticing opportunity for artists that are not direct associated with the gallery.

Online Open Studios

You’ll have a chance to be part of online open studio events that happens outside our other programs.

(Exhibition opportunities are exclusively accessible to those with yearly subscriptions.)

2. Access To Our Online Platform...

Enjoy our collection of online multidisciplinary resources and specialized services related to the art world!

We developed our own mobile-accessible web platform which is always in constant development and bringing new features and improvements every semester to all our participants around the world.

Media Library

Dynamic in nature and always growing. Lose yourself with +100h of talks and presentations by curators, art educators, gallerists, researchers and artists.

Live Talks

If you want to ask questions and interact with our guests, you can enjoy access to both live talks and presentations before they are updated to our library.*


*Live meetings are hosted and recorded on Zoom to be available later on our library.

Private Events Calendar

We have events happening all year round. Group and solo exhibitions featuring our participants, field trips, open studios, talks, online presentations by experts and much more!

Profile Page = Artist Page

You can manage your profile and art gallery how you like it. To visitors, your profile page will be displayed as an artist page with only relevant information about you and your artwork.

Connection Tools

Connect with other participants and our team to learn, keep updated and exchange ideas through our groups. If you favor a more instant communication, join them on text or video group chats in HD and without time constrains.

3. And Exclusive Benefits!

When you are ready for more, you can take advantage of new opportunities, connect with specialists and develop a deeper involvement in our community.

And if all that wasn’t more than enough, we have more benefits for artists who are seriously interested in advancing their productions and processes while integrating into a totally unique community.


Weekly Opportunities

Access a weekly list of open calls and global opportunities has been curated by a team member specifically for our participants.

Monthly Meetings

We have events happening all year round. Group and solo exhibitions featuring our participants, field trips, open studios, talks, online presentations by experts and much more!

Special Online Events

Exclusive group workshops, lectures and interactive presentations that goes beyond the regular online talk.

Advisory Meetings

Members now have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the main features that our programs present: meetings with our expert advisory team! An invaluable asset for those looking for specialized guidance in different areas at an affordable price.

Once you’re in, you can subscribe to advisory bundle plans within our platform to receive tickets that can be exchanged for a spot in our special online events or to schedule one-on-one meetings with our international team of advisors.

Our Team of Advisors

Ana Calzavara


Ana Roman


Andrew Freiband

Artist and Art Educator

Carolina Paz

Artist and Educator

William Powida


Daniela Avelar


Eun Young Choi


Gabo Camnitzer

Artist and Art Educator

Julian Jimarez Howard

Curator, Artist and Educator

Egle Ambrasaitė

Artist, Curator and Researcher

Liene Bosquê

Artist and Art Educator

Raquel Guerra


Julie Dumont


Christina Massey


A Sneak Peek Of Our Up Coming Events

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Only Members Access

11 - 19 December
Uncool Gallery

UA 2024 GROUP SHOW (NY) – Dec 11 to 19

162 Flushing Ave

No event found!

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** From $816 to $680 if you use this coupon at the checkout: 2MOFREE


(equivalent to $56.6/month or two months free)

What is worrying about "the cool" really costing you?

As an artist, it’s important to take a moment and ask yourself: What are you sacrificing by settling for the status quo? You may have become used to the daily frustration, convincing yourself that everything’s fine, that this is just how things are.

If you’re like many artists, you’ve likely invested significant time and money in trying to progress in both your creative and personal life. You’ve attended numerous events and networking functions in search of lasting opportunities. You’ve dedicated yourself to various courses, workshops, mentoring programs, and even therapy, but somehow, you’re not where you hoped to be. You’ve experimented with different approaches, without finding lasting solutions. Your shelves are filled with books, but you’re still not making the progress you desire. Despite all your efforts, you feel like you’re just skimming the surface of your potential.

So, what can you do? You could keep buying books, hiring more help, going to grad school, or spending money on new art practices, hoping things will change.

Or, you could join our Uncool Artist community of artists committed to living their art lives differently. We’re artists who refuse to sacrifice our joy, health, or relationships. We’re passionate about sharing possibilities and are determined to achieve new career levels while diving deeper into our practices.

Is Uncool Artist Right For You?

We’ve been helping artists advance in their careers, offering high-value and naturally high-cost services. Over the years, we’ve built an exceptional team and formed connections with some of the most brilliant minds in the art world.

We’re not an art school, non-profit, or charity for artists. We are an independent art community and a for profit art ecosystem. If you wonder whether Uncool Artist is right for your specific situation, ask yourself the following questions to help decide:

If you answered yes to one or more, you belong here!

Uncool Artist Membership is NOT for you if you’re:

Uncool Artist Membership is for artists who are ready to collaborate, innovate, and grow within a supportive community. It’s for those who seek to connect with like-minded creatives, advance their practice, and take their art career to the next level. If you’re ready to commit and embrace new challenges and opportunities, then Uncool Artist Membership is for you.

Our artists are just like you.

Some are just starting, some are already
enjoying our benefits and taking action – together.

* Tickets for advisory bundles are sold separately. Lifetime membership subscribed until March 10, 11:29 pm (ET), ensures access to 12 tickets that can be utilized for advisory meetings or exclusive online events. These tickets have a maximum usage limit of 1 ticket per month within the initial year of subscription. Monthly tickets are not cumulative and are non-transferable. Tickets spent will be invalidated in the event of a participant’s no-show at meetings. Learn more our UA Lifetime Member Terms and Conditions here.
** Membership plans purchased with discounts, limited offers or coupon codes are not refundable. Coupon codes cannot be used in combination with other discounts, coupons or offers for memberships.